The tresures of Old Bari

Saint Nicholas Basilica

Strongly wanted from the Abbot Elia and from prince Boemondo the 1rts of Altavilla, hosts the relics of the Saint since 1089, year or realization of the crypt. Romantic hearth of the Old Town, was rised on the the remains of the old house of Catapano, a civic building from the Byzantine age. Its tall white front wall extends to the sky in the Old Town majestic and shiny. Inside it, stands out its artistic importance, the ciborium and Elia’s pulpita.

The Wall

The last piece of defensive wall that used to hug Bari in a protective embrace, is the part that looks at the sea that goes from Ferrarese Square to the Cloister of Santa Scolastica. The defensive fortification has been built during the 4th century b.C. and has been strenghtened during the Middle Ages. Today, it lost its main purpose, it became a special vantage point to fall in love with the panorama at every hour of the day and a great spot to take the perfect picture.

Norman-Swavian Castle

Ruggero the Norman, Federico the 2nd from Swavia, Isabella from Aragona, Bona Sforza: important pages of european history crossed the destiny of Bari between the walls of the town fortress built in 1132. The most important works were realized by Isabella from Aragona. She gave it the bastion structure and four imposing towers that made of the castle one of the most important military buildings of Italy.

Saint Sabino Cathedral

The history of the Cathedral of Bari is tormented, protagonist of many distructions and rebuildings. In romanic style, as the Basilica, catches the attention of the visitors for its rose window, decorated by monsters and fantasy creatures. Every year during the Summer solsice the magic takes place: the sun shines through the rose window projecting a beam of light on the central nave right on the rose window drawn in front of the altar.

Saint Anthony’s fort

The old wall’s outpost is the panoramic viewpoint on the Seafront of Bari and it’s one of the most portrayed monuments by photographers and instagrammers. Its streightening as a strategic spot was part of a larger project of fortification of the town protective wall,wanted by Isabella from Aragona during the 16th century.