Bari tempts you with delicious food

Raw fish

Before sushi became popular, people from Bari considered raw fish a godly delicacy. As an apetizer, a fast snack from the fishseller, allievi, canolicchi, octopus, oysters, mussels, limpets and canestrelli allow you to taste the real flavour of the sea. Don’t you dare sprinkling some lemon juice on them! It’s a sacrilege.


Hands palm to palm, palate in ecstasy, full stomach. Focaccia in Bari it’s not simple street food, but a mystic-religious experience that fully involves each one of your senses. Focaccia, the potatoes one or the one covered by a layer of fresh tomatos, satisfies evreryone’s appetite, from the simple snack to the full meal. Look for it in bakeries.


It’s difficult to think about Old Bari kitchens and cornmealmush side by side. Yet, no one in Bari can resist to a bag full of crunchy sgagliozze: square shaped cornmealmush slices submerged in oil and fried, pulled out hot and salted. Tasty companions for a walk between the old town allys.


Fried panzerotto it’s a convivial rite that accompanies you during every season. According to the local tradition their preparation involves families, reunited around the table whitened with flour, ready to stretch out the dough, to fill it up with tomatos and mozzarella cheese, to close and fry them. In Bari the most popular variations consider turnip or meat filling.


During the fresh spring nights, a light smoke layers dims the horizon on the Seafront of Bari. Embers, called fornacelle, are working to cook small cylinders of meat, made of lamb or goat offals , tightly closed inside their own gut, with giant parsley leaves and wild fennel seeds.

Potatoes, rice and mussels

Bari spirit in a rich first dish, full and flavoured. In a perfect tiedda of Potatoes, rice and mussels it’s the mysterious alchemy between earth and sea. Nobody can describe wich is the right proportion between these three main ingredients, to guarantee a perfect and uniform baking. Maybe the only one who knows is grandma.


It s the name of Bari typical pasta. Its name is suggested by its form that looks like a small ear. People from Bari also call them strascenate as a recall of their preparation: with a knife, they are pulled on the cuttingboard getting divided in many little pieces of dough. A perfect binomial with turnip heads and it’s a must for Bari and Apulia.


In Bari you cant get up from the dining table before eating a sporcamuss: a dessert made of phyllo dough, filled up with cream, covered by a sprinkle of glacing sugar. You can easily understand their name from the first bite: a light layer of glacing sugar will get on your nose.

Horse chop

Bari sunday and holidays lunch appointment you can’t miss, is the one with braciole! Theys are large-medium meat rolls cooked and left seasoning in ragu. They are stuffed with caciocavallo cheese and lard.