Guide for photographers and instagrammers looking for inspirations

The smacked octopus

Take a picture while a fhisherman violently throws – smacks, in local slang – a freshly fished octopus on the searocks or on stone blocks by the sea. An harsh gesture, that makes the octopus’ meat tender and esily edible. Even raw.

Orecchiette ladies in Old Bari

Since the first hours of the day, in Old Bari alleys , housewives sit in front of their cutting boards. An home habit that became public property way before the social networks arrival.

Lamppost by the Seafront

A soft light brightens up the romantic promenades on the Seafront. The long line of lampposts, as far as you can see, places side by side with the sea outline becoming one of the most emblematic pictures of the town.

Bend It like Cassano

Even now, children play streetfootball wearing Bari team’s shirts , between rolled down shutters, white tuff walls and chalk lines on the floor, ready to challenge each other in hardened battles to the last goal…or to the last broken window.

The fisherman’s net

Bent over, focused on the movement of their hands, busy weaving a strong grill net. Their patience it’s every fisherman’s signature, on board their ships or in the preparatory rites before raising anchors.