A love as wide as the sea. That’s the kind of love that links Saint Nicholas to his worshippers.

The Saint chooses to consecrate himself to the souls whose destiny seems already written: sailors in distress in the Mediterranean waters, innocents sentenced to death, girls without downry, orphans and poor families.

Nicholas’ is not a mere spiritual support. He, always side by side with who prays to him with faith, gives a tangible support made of words and actions.

People say that one time some sailors and pilgrims, while they were sailing, found themselves in the middle of a terrible storm. Hurled from one side to an other by the violent waves, they were sure they were about to die. Then they prayed Saint Nicholas to help them when all of a sudden, in the scariest moment, he appeared.

The Saint not only comforted and encouraged them but also started working with them moving from one side to the other of the ship, where help was needed the most, between hawsers and poles, pulling the ship to safety.

This legend holds the deepest meaning of the bond between the Saint and people.

Nicholas, indeed, is the compass of his people, to face the storms of life.