Sources attest that the birth of Saint Nicholas happened between 261 and 280 in the Lycian town of Patara in Turkey. Orphan in young age, Nicholas donates his rich inheritance to the needy people, folloeing his parents’ christian teaching.

Was imprisoned and exiled by the emperor Diocletian, persecutor of Christ disciples, and freed a few years later by Costantino. In Nicene, during 325, partecipated to the Ecumenical Council, announced by emperor Costantino to recouncil western and easter christians.

Dies in Myra in 343.

A benevolent, protective and pragmatic Saint. Many anecdotes portrait Nicholas as a man close to the people – body and soul – to help whoever needs him.

Saint Nicholas choose to take care of the needy: sailors in troubles on their boats in the Mediterranean Sea, innocents sentenced to death, young women without a downry, orphans and poor families.

Unstopable even with his waggon stuck in the mud. According to the story, that see him coprotagonist with Saint Cassiano, the Saint from Myra decided to help a farmer in troubles even if it means to get his garnment dirty. Maybe this the legend that better portraits how people see Saint Nicholas.

A Saint close to people.